Bar Nothing Something Wicked
Bar Nothing
16 Pigdon Street,
North Carlton

Phone: (03) 9380 2424
Welcome: The What

Bar Nothing is the relaxed little home for Something Wicked cocktails. With its film noir meets converted stables atmosphere and comfy antique seating, Bar Nothing is a cute mashup of Melbourne trend and old-school warmth. On weekdays it's an intimate spot that's perfect for a first date; and on weekends it's a prime-up opportunity for groups of friends who want a lively venue where they can still hear each other speak.

While we're best known for our cocktail specials (5 cocktails for $20, 3 cocktails for $12.50!), we have a well-stocked bar offering a wide range of beer, wine, and spirits to suit all palates.

Come visit us and enjoy a cocktail, or bring 15 of your closest friends and we will give you 15 free cocktails for the next time you come in.

Bar Nothing The What [right] Now

Wicked suggestions: Use the vouchers as a best-dressed prize at your party, a raffle or door prize for your club fund-raiser, or guzzle them yourself for all your hard work organising that party to begin with.